How to manage time when you work remotely?

How to manage time when you work remotely?

  • Using a timer.

The tomato method

Helps to concentrate only on 1 task and not to be distracted, as well as to set yourself temporary tasks of doing the work.

The technique was invented by an Italian student Francesco Cirillo in 1980. In his first year, Cirillo was preparing for exams and could not concentrate on his studies. Then he started a kitchen timer in the form of a tomato for 10 minutes, during which he would not be distracted from the task, and after that he would take a break. Francesco noticed that it was easier to concentrate for a short time, and over time he developed his method into a full-fledged system. A tomato is called a time interval of 30 minutes – 25 minutes to work and 5 minutes to rest.

In its simplest form, it works like this

  • Make a list of tasks for the day, taking into account your priorities.
  • Turn on the timer/stopwatch for 25 minutes, start working.
  • After 25 minutes, take a break of 5-10 minutes.
  • Take a break from work, watch videos on the Internet, do exercises, drink tea.
  • After four tomatoes, take a big break for 15-20 minutes.
  • Continue to work for 25 minutes. When you finish the task, cross it out and move on to the next one.

The method allows you to concentrate on 1 task, and perform it without being distracted by extraneous matters. So in 25 minutes of concentrated work, you can do more than you previously did in 1 hour of work. A 5-minute rest will help to relieve your head, relax and continue working with new strength and thoughts. By the way, even workaholics use this method. In order to reduce their working hours without compromising the amount of work.

And now i will write about some other methods too…

1) Allocate time for rest

Rest time is an important element in time management for those who work on a freelance basis. Firstly, if you do not take the time to rest, very soon your strength will run out and you will experience emotional burnout. Many people who switch to freelance experience emotional and professional burnout precisely because they do not take time to rest. Write down in your notebook how you would like to spend your weekend, for example, go to the park this week, go to the cinema, go to the beauty salon, and be sure to allocate at least 1-2 days a week for rest.

2) Set yourself real tasks

For example, if you are a beginner and you know that you are still doing work slowly, then set no more than 3-5 tasks per day. 1-2 is a large-scale task that will take you a lot of time 3-4 minor tasks that you can complete in less time. If you manage to do these tasks in a day and you still have time and energy, then you will be able to complete tasks from another day and praise yourself, than if you set yourself a lot of tasks and worry about not having time to complete them.

3) Plan every day and prescribe how much time it will take for each task. Plan even household chores

4) Sleep enough to be more concentrated

5) Keep focus on work

6) Organize a workplace

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