Top 10 relevant topics for blogging on instagram

1) Photo and video blog is a very trending topic on Instagram right now, due to the fact that a lot of attention is paid to photo and video content on social networks. You can tell in the blog how to take interesting photos in different locations, what poses to take in the photo, how to shoot and mount cool videos

2) Business blog – now many people dream of starting their own business. If you are in business and you have something to share with readers? Write about motivation and personnel management, useful skills for an entrepreneur, share interesting conclusions and business thoughts.

3) Style/fashion. Since most of the audience on Instagram are women, and women always pay attention to their appearance and wardrobe, you can easily find your audience if you talk about fashion and stylish trends, clothing combinations in a blog. Share links to buy fashionable things and tell how you can save on it.

4) Self-care – by analogy with the previous paragraph, but the beauty sphere. Tell in a blog about care products, beauty novelties, share life hacks.

5) Professional blog – almost every profession in which you are an expert, you can use cool on Instagram and find an audience that is interested in it. Look at psychologists, lawyers, accountants. Recently I saw a super interesting seamstress blog.

6) Blog about renovation/interior design. Women love to create comfort and beauty around themselves, I think it’s not worth spreading too much here. Also, in such a blog, you can share life hacks that will simplify the life of housewives.

7) Interview. Quite a new kind of blogging direction. Of course, not everyone will agree to be interviewed by media personalities. But you can use it with ordinary people, because there is uniqueness in every person. For example, an interview with moms. What difficulties they face, how they are going through the period of the decree. Or with representatives of different professions.

8) A blog about pets. The topic for the blog is also very relevant, you can find your audience, even if they don’t have pets at home. It will be especially interesting if you have some unusual animal, such as a raccoon or a snake

9) Psychology. Now it is especially relevant on Instagram. And if you are a representative of this profession, you can

10) Earning on the Internet (Freelance). Do you work as a freelancer? Or are you just starting to earn money online? Do you live by the sea, work in the mountains? Show your way to a dream life to your readers. Tell us about how to find customers on the Internet, how you sell your services, how you find a common language with customers, etc.

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