What are live broadcasts and IGTV channels

What are live broadcasts for and how to use them? What is an IGTV channel? How to use it?

Conducting live broadcasts is a way to attract an audience and communicate with them. Live broadcasts on Instagram allow you to show yourself not only to subscribers who occasionally visit the page, but also to all interested viewers. This was made possible by notifying subscribers through notifications.

A blogger / expert or the owner of a commercial account directly communicates with subscribers on the air, answers their questions, tells not only about the advantages of a product or service, but also about some of their features, then the subscriber is trusted.

Live broadcasts can be both on a useful topic for subscribers, strictly on the topic of the account, and on personal or abstract topics. Many users are interested in learning about the personal life of an expert, or the owner of a commercial account, his hobbies and preferences. Through live broadcasts, you can show that the same person as everyone else is promoting their product. At the same time, some features and hobbies can become decisive.

After the live broadcast, you can save it in IGTV format and remind your subscribers in stories that they can watch it at any time. Also, bloggers often specifically announce to subscribers that they will not save the broadcast, so that more involved subscribers will attend the live broadcast in real time.

Why do we need the igtv channel and what videos to post there

*useful information (video lessons, master classes, life hacks)
*video reviews
*minifilms from your life/travels
*answers to questions
*live broadcasts

Not everyone has mastered the igtv yet and started using this video format, many are bypassing it. In igtv, you can upload videos for more than 1 minute and up to 1 hour. The uploaded video can be placed in the feed, and put a photo screensaver that suits your visual.

IGTV is a great way to diversify your content with familiar photos and short videos up to 1 min, as well as attract a new audience, the IGTV format works the same as posts in the top, and it shows interesting videos to users who may be interested in it

There can be a lot of options to shoot in IGTV, you can shoot useful and funny videos, share interesting moments of your life, shoot videos on the subject of your blog, save live broadcasts now you can live forever, and not 24 hours, which is an undoubted plus.

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