How to shoot interesting stories on Instagram?

How to shoot interesting stories on Instagram?

Perhaps the most important part of the content. You will never gather a loyal, warm audience if you don’t shoot stories. Even if you run a professional blog, you definitely need to shoot stories. For example, you are a lawyer, you write professional posts about the practice of law, but you do not show yourself in stories. You don’t take pictures of yourself, you don’t communicate with the audience, but just write texts.

Why do you want to scroll through someone’s stories, but you stick to someone else’s?

Dynamics of the storis tape (angles, plans, photos/videos). The first seconds of each new story create the feeling that your life is full of everything!

The dynamics of the frame itself! Something must be happening in the frame. Stroke the cat, put on a jacket, bring other people into the frame, twist objects in your hands. Top

Stories mistakes

There is no duplication of text

Lots of talking heads (no dynamics) “Watch it all because I like it”

Memorized text

Picture Quality

Bad light

Extraneous noise


Stories without semantic load

Overabundance of expertise (10%/90%)

Techniques that delay attention, increase coverage

– Short-term intrigue
– Long-term intrigue
– Emotions of the audience Insert stories that provoke emotions in subscribers.
– Characters (positive, negative, everyone should have their own personal brand) Each of your storys day should end with the audience asking “WHAT’S NEXT?” and “HOW WILL IT END?”. These are the techniques that are used in TV series

Where to get ideas for storis? Ideas around us…
– Take a picture of you walking around the supermarket, show the final basket at home. Let them guess the amount of the check
– What to choose? Arrange a vote before buying clothes, toys, anything.
– What to cook? Pancakes or pancakes? What to order rolls or pizza?
– Review. Tell us your impression about the movie you watched, about the book you read. Ask for advice on something else.
– Turn on the time laps program and let it shoot faster while you are doing something. You clean the room, wash the dishes, cook, study, work. Usually sticky videos come out of this.
– Memories from childhood. Tell us some interesting case from your childhood.
– Unpacking. Take a picture of how you open the parcel, print the package, do not prepare in advance what is there.This is very interesting to watch
– Make an overview of some of your equipment. Pros, cons, do you recommend buying one?
– Share the failure. Show a dish that didn’t turn out, a burnt breakfast, a broken plate, or even how a passing car sprayed you… The audience loves it very much when they share not only successes, but also defeats ..
– Life Hack. Share something that makes your life easier
Share a simple recipe that you found yourself

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