What is Reels and how to use?

What is Reels? And how to use them? Free promotion on Instagram

Reels are short videos, lasting 15-60 seconds. Reels is an analogue of TikTok on Instagram. And while this feature is new, you can use it to promote for free.

Advantage of Reels

  • Reels gain more coverage than posts and stories.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • You can select the desired piece of music to superimpose on the video clip.
  • Will not disappear in 24 hours
  • The ability to share the video.
  • A new type of content that is still gaining momentum, which means little competition.

Instagram is currently promoting Reels videos itself, as it is interested in promoting a new type of content.

Reels shows not only to your subscribers, Reels gather in a separate section where a wide audience can see you, and also promotes videos to the recommended.

What’s going into Reels now

  • Atmospheric and aesthetic videos, both short and long (from 15 seconds)
  • Videos with a dynamic beginning (for example, travel, humor, dancing, trends)
  • Expert content in an entertaining format
  • Animals and children
  • Meal. aesthetic videos or cooking process
  • Changing clothes

Look at what content is currently most popular in Reels, and think about how you can adapt it to the blog topic you need, atmospheric videos, videos with humor, dancing, trends, expert content in an entertainment format, this can also include trending entertainment content adapted to a specific topic. Entertaining videos with animals and children are great.

How to create Reels so that your videos gain large coverage?

  1. There should be no logos or watermarks from other services on the video.
  2. Use music that is trending. This will allow your video to gain more views
  3. The video should be catchy and understandable to a wide audience.
  4. Keep the dynamics throughout the video, editing, effects, incendiary music, as well as text can help.
  5. Share your reels in the feed and in stories, so you will gain more views, the first influx of audience will give an additional boost to your video.
  6. Put a cool picture on the announcement. It can be a pre-prepared layout or frames from your video.
  7. Shoot high-quality videos.
  8. Shoot videos on the subject of your profile to attract your target audience.

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