What is instagram content plan?

What is a instagram content plan? Types of posts. Ideas for your Instagram posts

The instagram content plan of posts and the content plan of stories is a content plan that helps us structure all information, do everything according to our goals and strategies

Content Types:

  • Entertainment
  • Selling
  • Information

Examples of entertainment content:

  • Ask the subscribers opinion (especially on current topics)
  • Humor and memes (not suitable for any account) Contests /giveaways
  • Interesting life stories
  • Motivation/Inspiration
  • Congratulations on the holidays
  • Games

Selling content is more often used in commercial accounts.


  • “Before/after”. The client will clearly see what will happen if he uses the offered product/service
  • “The pain of the client.”Here you can close the pain of the CA with the help of a product/service story
  • Product/Service Reviews
  • Answers to popular questions. Here you can close the most popular objections of customers
  • Examples of informational content
  • Instructions
  • Life Hacks
  • Training materials Tips
  • Reviews
  • Guest posts from experts Cases
  • Catalog of goods/services

What to write about in the posts?

  • Competitor analysis (what they write about)
  • CA analysis (what are they interested in?)
  • Ask the audience
  • Your old posts
  • Hype topics (covid, vaccinations, LGBT, etc.)

Frequency of publications

  • 1-3 posts per week
  • On weekends: entertainment content

When to publish?

  • From morning (8-9 am)
  • To lunch (12-14)
  • In the evening (19-21)

How to make a content plan of posts?

  • Collect information from the sources that were above
  • Ask yourself the question “Will this post be interesting to CA?”
  • Distribute them into three columns (selling, informational, entertainment)
  • Decide how many posts you will publish per week
  • Select from the list the required number of informational, selling and entertaining topics for posts
  • Make a table with a clear schedule on what day, at what time, which post will be released for 1 month ahead

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