What is instagram content plan and how to use it?

What is instagram content plan and how to use it?

The appearance of the account is the first thing subscribers pay attention to when they visit your page. Ugly design, careless appearance of the account do not cause trust and desire to subscribe.

A content plan is a schedule of publications for social networks, blogs, which is prepared in advance for a certain period of time.

When drawing up a content plan, you will understand:

  • How to build communication with the audience in order to interact with it as much as possible
  • How to distribute types of content – texts, videos, stories, live broadcasts to attract and retain an audience
  • How often to publish content so as not to get lost among competitors, but also not to bother the reader
  • How to create a competent heading so as not to forget or miss anything

How to make a instagram content plan?

  1. Decide on the main and additional topic of the blog
  2. Determine the goal that you set for yourself for a certain period.
  3. Write down all the ideas that come to your mind on the selected topics – a bank of ideas
  4. Distribute the topics into rubricators.
  5. Make a plan in the form of a table (example)

Where to get the ideas of instagram posts?

  • Ask subscribers. Study their interests
  • View ideas from competitors
  • View ideas in the social network.networks and forums
  • View in the comments of competitors

Important!!! Do not copy someone else’s content, but only be inspired by ideas, introduce your personality and your approach.

What types of instagram contents are there?

  • Selling content
  • Entertaining engaging
  • Expert/useful content

The content plan is part of your Instagram blog development strategy. It will help you build content in such a way that your subscribers “get hooked” on your blog and wait for your content every time. With a content plan, you will never have an emergency in publications, because posts and stories will be ready and thought out in advance.

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