How to write instagram posts

How to write instagram posts? Where to get ideas for posts?

  1. Subscribers. Feel free to ask what they are interested in. Offer options for posts and arrange a vote.
  2. See what competitors are writing about. But do not copy them, write, as you can see from your experience.
  3. Look at the comments to competitors. What questions do subscribers ask them
  4. Groups in social networks / forums are a gold mine of new topics for posts, you can immediately see what is relevant now.
  5. Your posts a year ago. The audience is being updated, so you can use your own old posts. But do not just copy, but rewrite the posts – add how your opinion has changed with experience, tell us what has passed the test of time. Compare yourself then and now (if you are a stylist, makeup artist, etc.).
  6. Nostalgia is a very popular topic on which you can collect a lot of comments.
  7. Recommended section in Instagram.
  8. Ultra-actual posts (what you need to tell about today, because tomorrow everyone will know) go outside the general content plan on Instagram. But they must be there, so you get closer to subscribers and they see that you are living the same events with them.

How many posts per week to publish!?

Choose the optimal number of posts for you.On average 2-3 posts a week is enough

On weekdays, it is better to enter informational and selling content. Friday and Saturday entertainment

At what time should I post posts?

Choose the time for posts depending on account statistics and analysis of your target audience.
Average Instagram activity by the hour:

8-10 hours – people can view posts while still in bed or on their way to work
12-14 hours – lunch break, you can set aside time on Instagram
22-24 hours – all things are done, you can look in before going to bed


Make a list of ideas for posts in your notes and fix it as soon as the thought appeared

  • Create a photo storage for posts so that you have photos at any time
  • Be sure to work on mistakes, analyze which content received more reactions from the audience, and which on the contrary. Keep this in mind when drawing up a content plan for a new period, otherwise engagement rates will fall, and your posts will be lowered by the algorithmic feed.

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