How to make money on stories without running your blog

How to make money on stories without running your blog? Stories maker ? Who is it? How to work as a storiesmaker?

Stories making is a profession that is gaining popularity. Every blogger, expert, commercial account needs an assistant who can quickly, beautifully and stylishly design stories. Storysmaker is a specialist who professionally deals with the design of stories for blogs and commercial accounts. On average, a blogger, an expert or the owner of a commercial account needs to mount and issue 20-30 stories per day, while it is necessary to deal with other tasks in the blog (promotion, removal and thinking through content, etc.). The larger the blogger, the more tasks he faces. Therefore, it is not possible to waste time on the design and installation of stories. Then the blogger takes a storymaker assistant to the team, who will unload him from the current work of story design.

The situation is similar with experts and with owners of commercial accounts. They have many other important tasks that take a lot of time, so they need the help of a storysmaker.

What is the storiesmaker’s responsibility?

  • Develop a stories corporate identity (select color/ font/ background / stickers / gifs).
  • Increase engagement and reach.
  • Create games and various interactive games for storis.
  • Engage in video editing.
  • Process content for stories.
  • Analyze the statistics of stories to determine which topics the audience “visits”.
  • Choose the best time for posting.
  • Give recommendations on shooting, camera angles, background, posing.
  • Create layouts (including advertising and selling).
  • Upload stories (by accessing your account or through autoposting services).
  • THE MAIN qualities that a storysmaker needs are watchfulness and creativity.

This is not just monotonous technical work on photo processing. Here it is necessary to constantly generate ideas, find new topics, and an original approach to shooting.

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