How to make instagram stories beautiful?

How to make instagram stories beautiful?

The boom in Instagram was a single corporate style of stories design. You’ve probably already noticed that many bloggers, experts, and commercial accounts have already started to design instagram stories in a single style in 2022, which is combined with the overall visual concept of the blog.

Making Instagram stories in a single style will help you increase your Instagram awareness, increase loyalty and audience engagement, if subscribers feel that you are bothering with the visual design of the blog, they feel care about them, and it will also help you stand out among competitors.

What will help to create a unified style of stories design?

Uniform color scheme. It is important that the color of the story design matches your visual and reflects you. Choose for yourself 1-2 primary colors, and 1 accent color. You can find ready-made palettes on pinterest (Show an example) or highlight colors in Instagram itself using a pipette from your visual.


  • Font – select 1-2 fonts and use them only in the design of stories. (Show an example of which fonts are combined with each other)
  • Text backgrounds, stickers – choose those elements that will reflect you and match the color scheme of the corporate identity.
  • Background images. Based on the color scheme, make some background pictures that you will use as backgrounds for text photos.
  • Trend effects – bluer and graininess.

Mistakes in the design of stories:

  • A lot of text on stories, Do not make more than 3 sentences.
  • Fonts that don’t fit together.
  • Using different colors on stories.
  • Using different fonts. Find and select 1 main font and 1 additional to it .
  • Oversaturation of the layout: text, picture, drawing, diagram Remember that 1 story is 1 thought.

How to place the text on the story?

  • The text should convey the main idea
  • The main font is the main idea
  • An additional font is a secondary thought

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