How to create reels

How to create a reels so that your videos gain large coverage?

  • The video should not contain logos or watermarks from other services.

Online service – SnapTik for removing watermarks

  • Use music that is trending. This will allow your video to gain more views
  • The most important advice, the video should be catchy and understandable to a wide audience.
  • Keep the dynamics throughout the video, editing, effects, incendiary music, as well as text can help.
  • Share your reels in the feed and in stories, so you will gain more views, the first influx of audience will give an additional boost to your video.
  • Put a cool picture on the announcement. It can be a pre-prepared layout or frames from your video.
  • Shoot high-quality videos. Blurred, in low resolution, definitely won’t take off.
  • The video should not contradict the rules of Instagram. Be sure to read them before publishing.
  • Always leave the intrigue at the end so that you can see it through to the end
  • Shoot videos on the subject of your profile to attract your target audience
  • When you upload a video, make sure that the “Also share in the feed” slider is enabled. Then your subscribers will see the video too and will be able to interact with it.
  • Instagram has officially announced that it will severely cut coverage to those users who use the logos of other social networks. if you want to remove watermarks from a video, there is an online service for this.
  • Use music that is trending with most users.
  • Shoot a video with clear and catchy content so that people who saw you for the first time immediately understand what it is about and what your blog is about
  • Share your reels videos in stories and feed with your subscribers, their interactions with the publication will affect the reach of rils.
  • Remember about the visual, rils has a separate tab in the feed, and there you also need to think about a beautiful visual, you can prepare a layout for the cover in advance, or choose a beautiful frame from the video
  • Video quality. Instagram cuts down on the coverage of videos with poor quality.

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