How many stories per day to publish?

How many stories per day to publish?

Instagram itself has set a limit on the number of stories per day – no more than 100. But of course this is a lot and it does not mean that you need to post all 100 stories a day to all accounts. As in everything else, the main thing here is not quantity, but quality. And even if you post 100 thoughtless and meaningless stories– it will be a waste of time and there is a risk of stupidly alienating the audience.

If you are just starting to shoot stories, I recommend starting with 5-10 stories a day, giving the audience the opportunity and time to get used to you and your content. Then you can gradually increase the number of stories and monitor the reaction of your audience. Each blogger, expert and commercial account sets the optimal number of stories for himself, depending on his physical strength, the time he spends on creating stories, and the reaction of the audience. If you post too many stories that are not interesting to your audience, they will start unsubscribing from you.

If you notice that the audience reacts well to some type of content, sends you reactions, interacts with stories (clicks on surveys), writes messages to, then this content is interesting to your target audience, and it can be increased.

But if, on the contrary, some topic was left without the attention of the audience, according to statistics, you see that most of the people have flipped through the stories, then the topic of the audience has not entered, and such content needs to be completely removed or reduced, or maybe the feed should be changed.


For bloggers – to increase trust and interaction with the audience, to build a personal brand and awareness, to increase reach. Coverage for bloggers is earnings.

No blogger today will allow himself not to post stories, but to write only posts! The time has come when you won’t surprise anyone with beautiful photos in the feed. And it is storis that gives the audience the opportunity to “live the life” of a blogger in real time (to see what a blogger is doing here and now, how he looks today, what is happening at the moment). And as practice has shown, this is what brings the blogger closer to the audience.

Experts – to increase the trust of subscribers, to demonstrate their expertise, to attract new customers and sell their services. Just like with bloggers, it is when an expert leads a story that the audience begins to treat him as a “familiar” person-an expert and is more likely, if necessary, to turn to this expert for a service than to someone who only writes posts and remains “behind the scenes”.

Commercial accounts – to increase trust, to strengthen the brand, to increase sales. If the owner of an Instagram store shows himself, behind-the-scenes work – it inspires confidence and eliminates the fears of the audience to be deceived.

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