How many stories per day should there be in instagram

Why shoot stories on Instagram? How many stories per day should there be in instagram

Stories appeared on Instagram in 2016. The audience took this tool very badly, people did not understand how to use it. If you look at the story now, it is a key tool for working in the Instagram application, which is used by bloggers, brands, and so on. If earlier it was believed that stories are needed only by bloggers who take off their every step, now even top brands have become less likely to post posts, but with stories they are used systematically every day. This suggests that without stories, we can no longer imagine this application.

This is the main tool that helps to fix the loyalty of the audience, earn money, brings subscribers closer to the author of stories, thereby contributes to the development of trusting relationships and leads to a targeted action (most often it is some kind of purchase). People are not interested in following the posts, since there is no life in them. Stories are attractive because they often use video content that brings the audience closer to the author.

Stories is an essential tool in Instagram. And those who want to develop and earn money here need to master this direction.

Yes, now stories has pushed posts to the background, because according to statistics, 70% of Instagram users primarily view stories, and only then scroll through the feed. The ranking of the feed works like this: the more often users like the publications of specific authors, the more often they see them in their feeds.

Considering that, according to statistics, subscribers do not like to put likes very much and rarely do it, respectively, a maximum of 10-20 new publications appear in the feed. Therefore, people view the most basic things in the feed – their friends, top and most beloved bloggers, and so on. And most often they hang out in stories.

On average, a person who runs Instagram has to post at least 5-10 stories a day in order not to lose the attention of his audience. The norm is 20-25 stories a day.

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