Highlights – How to make them out?

Highlights – How to make them out?

In order for a new audience to want to come to your blog, you need to pack it. Current stories are your stories that you have saved and they have been in your profile for more than 24 hours. Even 2 years.

Fixed stories, highlights, actual stories are all the same. Usually, all stories disappear after 24 hours. With the help of fixed stories, we can create albums by category, place the most important information about us there.

What to place there?

Information about you. Tell us in video or photo format who you are, what you do, what your blog is about, what the subscriber will find interesting here.

  • Useful information on the topic of your blog.
  • Information about your hobbies, hobbies. Something that reveals you as a person in a blog.
  • In expert accounts, you need to place information about services, price list, reviews, work process, location, if the expert works in a particular city.
  • In the commercial account, you also need to place the terms of payment and delivery, an overview of the goods, a location if necessary.


  • Do not post photos or videos of poor quality.
  • Do not fix everyday stories that do not carry a semantic load.
  • Don’t make a dump. It is better to distribute everything by topics and categories and leave only the most important.

Visual design of such stories. How to create a cover for such stories?

Mistakes in the covers

  • No covers
  • Unreadable text
  • Different cover styles
  • Small elements
  • The actual ones do not match in color with the ribbon

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