Creating a beautiful nickname and avatar on Instagram

How to create a beautiful nickname and avatar on Instagram?

Choose a nickname and avatar
A potential subscriber’s acquaintance with us begins with a nickname and an avatar. You need to try to arouse interest from the first second.

Your nickname must be:

  • Simple and clear
  • Memorable or effective
  • Talking about your profession or blog topic (if possible)

Rules of a good nickname:

  • Maximum of 2 words
  • Words are separated by a dot or an underscore
  • There are no numbers in the nickname
  • There are no complicated letter combinations such as ch, zh, kh
  • The nickname does not start with an underscore

You can use your first and last name in the nickname. If they are very complex or long, then you can always come up with a creative pseudonym.

Life hack, how to find your perfect nickname

Write your first name, last name, blog topic and 50 associations with you and your topic. Try writing it in different languages, ask friends and subscribers to help. And somewhere among these words there will be your ideal nickname.

And to check how easy your nickname is to read and remember, let your friends read it and after 15 minutes ask them to repeat or write. If everything went well, you can move on. If there was a mistake somewhere, we are thinking how to improve the nickname so that everyone remembers it exactly.

What should the avatar be like?

  • Attract attention at first sight
  • Make you want to go to your page and look at it
  • The avatar should give an understanding of what your blog is about or at least give an understanding of what you are (strict, cheerful, bright, stylish, calm, etc.)

The rules of a good avatar:

  • You must be in the photo (there may be a product in the commercial account in the photo)
  • The photo should be portrait or waist-length, so that the face is visible
  • It is advisable to use daylight when shooting. But most importantly, the photo should not be dark and blurred.
  • The background at the back is preferably without small details, you should not merge with it and the background should not be brighter than you.
  • Do not use stock images for avatars
  • Ideally, there should be a hint of your profession in the avatar

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