What skills do we need to make money on instagram

SALES! How to sale? And what skills do we need to make money on Instagram?

We need to understand WHAT, HOW and TO WHOM to sell!

You need to study:

  • psychology of the client!
  • your psychological portrait as a seller (image of a personal brand, commercial brand, expert)
  • how to build a product line (information products, services, goods)
  • how to set prices (not everyone understands how much their product should cost) You need to know how to correctly determine the cost so that it is justified in the eyes of the client + so that you do not lose in amounts
  • the process of warming up customers: ALL customers on instagram move along this path: from cold to hot. It is impossible to miss a single step. If you do not finish the work on one of the steps— the client is lost.
  • psychology of influence on the client
  • schemes for building sales launches: which are more profitable \ which are short, but effective\ which products and when to launch, all launches should be interconnected*

Skills that you need to learn yourself, IT’s BETTER NOT to DELEGATE THEM, so as not to lose YOUR INCOME

Team organization and recruitment: you need to understand who should be in the team, what qualities are needed in him, what exactly is required of him and how his work and the work of the team as a whole will be checked.
fast learning, networking – joint broadcasts, performances in online schools, holding marathons. We need connections for greater fame. Understanding marketing and sales

Skills that NEED to be delegated as soon as possible:

  • promotion
  • creating a team for a specific product
  • working with private clients, but control remains in your hands
  • writing texts, creating content, creating websites, etc.

Dangerous icon: Before delegating them, you need to know how it works. You can’t delegate without understanding.

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