How to get 1000 subscribers for free?

How to get 1000 subscribers for free?

  • What does it mean to have normal or unnormal subscribers?
  • Guest blogging
  • Commenting
  • Fake dialogues
  • Fake recommendations
  • Interactive
  • Bloggers battles
  • Hashtags, geolocations

Normal subscribers are real readers of your feed, real viewers of your stories. This is the audience that is interested in you as a person, or is interested in your product. O gather a real active audience, you can use both paid and free promotion methods.

Paid – require costs, but save time
Free – it takes a lot of time, but it’s free

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Guest blogging is writing articles or posts for outside blogs and publics. As a rule, such articles mention a link to your own blog (as a link to the author). This is the main point of guest blogging.

Commenting. Just by writing an interesting comment to someone’s post, you can get new subscribers. They usually comment on major bloggers.

Leave a comment in the blogger’s account that may interest others. For example, someone is discussing an acute topic and you are right there. Express your opinion in detail and sincerely, inadvertently mentioning that you have recently raised a similar topic in your blog. If you write something interesting, fly to the most prominent place in the comments, get a lot of likes and a lot of attention to your person.

Fake dialogues: We go into the comments under the publication of major bloggers (with a similar target audience) and play out the dialogue.

  • oh, and I think
  • Oh, come on, it’s not like that…
  • Etc. etc

Fake recommendations. We go to the comments under the publication of major bloggers (with a similar target audience) and write a meaningful comment on the topic of the post:

“Oh, and I also read this at @ and was blown away.”…come and see for yourself! I’m in shock”


SFS, marathons, challenges

Hashtags and geolocations – put on publications to find you by them

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