How to become a blogger’s manager?

Every day more and more blogs appear, they grow and develop, incomes increase, the tasks that a blogger sets for himself increase, and over time every blogger has a question about resorting to the help of a manager.

Let’s see what are the ways to become a blogger’s manager?!

1) Offer help to a friend/acquaintance, etc. You probably have a person among your friends who already runs a blog or just wants to start, but doesn’t know where to start. You can offer a person to help with the development and promotion of a blog for a review or for a minimum fee. At the first stage, this is a great way to gain experience and make a case.

2) Find a blogger on Instagram. Take a closer look at the bloggers you like, watch their pages, do an analysis and think about what you could help them with.

For example, if you see that a blogger has a very active audience and they write a lot of comments to his posts, but the blogger does not have time to respond to them, then you can take note of this. Or a blogger, for example, in storis told some interesting story and intrigue. This can also be taken into account. Compose a competent letter to the blogger and offer him help. In the last block of this guide, I’ll show you how to write a message that will be answered.

3) Respond to a vacancy in direct. Very often, many bloggers post information in their stories that they are looking for an assistant. It is important to respond correctly to the vacancy. If you don’t have any experience, a blogger can offer you a test assignment or a test period. Be sure to agree, because it does not work only for those who do nothing.

4) Respond to a vacancy in chats. A lot of bloggers are looking for helpers in special Instagram chats. Keep track of vacancies in such chats, and when you see what you like and fits, feel free to respond to the vacancy.

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