Effective learning strategy

Effective learning strategy

1) Don’t overload yourself. Plan your time for study and rest. When you are rested and full of energy, then knowledge is absorbed faster and your head works better.

2) Do not try to remember every detail from the first lesson. It’s better to give yourself time to review the lesson several times. Write theses for the lesson. Do not hesitate to ask for help from a curator.

3) Use task schedulers – write notes on your phone or in a notebook.
The course will have a separate lesson on services that help you plan time and tasks.

4) Don’t set too many tasks for the day. It is better to complete 1-2 tasks well than to try to catch 10 in a hurry.

5) Keep a success diary. Write in it your achievements for the whole day. And these achievements relate not only to studies – to cook borscht or check the lessons of a child – these are also your achievements.

6) Sum up the results of the week: what did you learn new, what dz passed, what questions remained? This will help you structure your knowledge.

7) And most importantly! Take care of yourself, get enough sleep, do not forget to eat during. When we take care of our body and our needs, we have the strength to study and work!

Pit of despair

Pit of despair

Of course, each of us imagines a smooth path from point A to point B. But in fact, this path may not be a straight line, but a curve. And many factors can influence this. One day you were in a great mood and you quickly did your homework, well understood the topic of the lesson. And on another day you had difficulties with the topic, had a headache, slept badly at night, etc. And it is very important that at this moment you are not left alone with your problem, but write to the chat, write to the curators. Remember, there are no problems that cannot be solved. We will definitely help and support you. It is very important to us that each of you benefit from this course and reach the end.

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