How to design/create a profile header?

How to design/create a profile header?

If a subscriber visits your page and starts watching it, the first thing they do is read your profile header and decide whether to stay with you, subscribe or not.

The profile header should answer this main questions:

1) Who are you?
2) What is your blog about?
3) What will a person get if they subscribe to you?
4) If the profile header catches a person, he will look further than your page. He will look at the blog feed, read the posts and come to your story. And maybe even share the page with your friends and acquaintances.

So, what to write in the profile header:

  • Specify in the profile header what the blog is about.
  • Specify what the person will get by subscribing to you.
  • Specify how you differ from other bloggers who write on a related topic, what is the uniqueness of the blog.
    But there is a small problem with the profile header – all this should fit in 150 characters.

The bold line “Profile Name”
Works like a Google search. There we write the most key words of the blog. For example, a blog about nutrition and fitness. So, in the bold line we write – NUTRITION and FITNESS.

Another important point:

when chatting in direct or searching for a page, you can always see what is indicated in the bold line, so specify the name in the bold line. Only it is necessary to indicate the full name and surname, if you are a well-known person who is known and whose name is heard. You can specify, for example, like this (Anya, NUTRITION AND FITNESS).
We have to fit all this into 30 characters. And, by the way, according to the new Instagram rules, the bold line can be changed only once every 14 days.

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