Who is a blogger’s manager?

Who is a blogger’s manager? WHO CAN WORK AS A BLOGGER’S MANAGER?

Blog manager job description

A blogger’s manager is a person who helps a blogger to develop and promote his blog in social networks, represents his interests in advertising companies, relieves the blogger from routine tasks, contributes to the growth of the blogger’s popularity. Anyone who likes to scroll through the Instagram feed can become a blogger’s manager. It is only necessary to learn the subtleties of the profession and to master the subtleties of work.

Advantages of working as a blogger manager

Working as a blogger manager is suitable for everyone: students, mothers on maternity leave, even pensioners. It can easily be combined with the main job. You can start working without any work experience. Higher education is not required. It is enough to get acquainted with the basic principles of working on Instagram, to delve into the subtleties of the duties of a blogger’s manager. You can work from anywhere in the world, even if you live in a village in Siberia. The most important thing is that you have the Internet and a smartphone.

What skills should a blogger’s manager have?

Be sociable, be able to find a common language with people. Love to sit in social networks and watch bloggers and their audience. Develop your own vision and creativity. Strictly observe deadlines, be able to plan your day.

What are the main responsibilities of a manager

If you decide to earn money on Instagram, help other people develop their blogs, then you need to get well acquainted with the responsibilities that you have to do, and which you need to master at the first stage. At the beginning of blog development, the blogger, as a rule, does all the work on his own. With the growth of the blog, the blogger has more tasks, and he is forced to delegate tasks to assistants, so every blogger wants to take a person with knowledge as an assistant.

Duties of a blogger’s manager:

– Search for bloggers for advertising and purchase of advertising itself.

– Preparation of advertising materials.

– Planning an ad release schedule.

– Analysis of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

– Maintaining a blogger and direct PR account.

– The manager may also have tasks to design the feed and create a content plan.

– Help a blogger when launching his infoproducts.

– If the manager helps the blogger in organizing giveaway , then his duties will include the search for sponsors and all organizational issues.

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