How to start earning on freelancing

How to start earning on freelancing if you don’t know how to do anything?

Your prospects:

1) Blogger/Expert Assistant

Tasks: any small errands. Answers to comments and in, sometimes editing stories, find something, buy, come up with a list of ideas, curate a chat, schedule meetings for a customer, keep an employment calendar, order food, remind you to go to bed on time and much, much more.

Growth prospects:
In the manager of all expert projects (can receive 10-25% of turnover)
In the project manager (from 3 to 10% of turnover)
In the manager of some one expert project

2) Advertising Specialist

Tasks: setting up targeted advertising, developing advertising layouts, searching for bloggers for advertising.

Advertising manager for bloggers. The targetologist

Growth prospects:
Growth within the team (started with small budgets — moved to large ones). Transition to a team with big budgets. A narrow specialization (for example, an advertising manager or a targetologist for online schools) will help to increase the receipt. Switching to work for a percentage of the budget (working with large budgets is an art, and few people own it, such targetologists are worth their weight in gold and get a percentage). Increasing the receipt from the same customer (when adding new skills – website creation, complex smm). Transition to the technical field (creation of chatbots)

3) Content ideologue

Tasks: to come up with interesting ideas to raise coverage, to track trends in tick-tok, in Instagram stories, to help with ideas of posts and stories, to mount and design videos and photos.

Growth Prospects:
As a marketer
To the producer of course launches
To the right hand of the content expert

The main thing you need to grow in EACH of these professions is an understanding of MARKETING, SALES and SMM. This is the basis without which a person will remain with a small salary for the rest of his life.

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