How can I earn on Instagram?

If I already know how to do something well and professionally, how can I earn on Instagram?

*All this is suitable for both bloggers/experts and SMM specialists.

  • 1) On one-time services
  • 2) On services with monthly payment
  • 3) On consultations
  • 4) Mentoring/mentoring (lasts a month or several months)
  • 5) On the sale of goods (including those with branded symbols — merch)
  • 6) On the sale of mass online courses
  • 7) On a percentage of sales, helping to sell other people’s services, goods or information products
  • 8) On advertising (but for what, if you can earn more on another?)

What should I choose to start?

I am for security and predictability. Therefore, I would consider those services where payment is received every month. Money can be spent on:

  • Investment in your personal brand (purchase of advertising on your blog, investment in advertising)
  • Investing in their education and professionalism (training)
  • Investing in your team (delegation — hire a helper or babysitter for a child)
  • Nice spending on yourself and your comfort (apartment, car)
  • The aid for relatives (parents, for example)
  • Investing in the future of the child (to postpone his education)
  • Experience (travel, hotel amenities and wishlist)
  • Security (savings, investments)

If the money comes to you guaranteed every month — you can KNOW IN ADVANCE YOUR INCOME FOR THE NEXT MONTH. I know exactly how much I will earn for 3 months ahead. It’s soothing! Imagine that in May you are guaranteed to earn 5000$ rubles, and in June already 7000$. From a state of CALM AND CONFIDENCE, it will be easier for you to live, it will be easier to try new things, to start new projects! This is only possible in services where customers pay every month.

The average ”life cycle” of a client in SMM with good specialists is 1 year. That is, the same customers are guaranteed to pay you every month for a whole year.

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