How can a beginner get his first freelance order?

And in order to find your first client, you need:

  • 1) Create your own business card in social networks — for example, in Instagram. To do this, you need to pack your profile and add work experience, cases (work results, examples) and your professional skills to it.
  • 2) Create a sales letter to attract customers. In it, you should indicate the type of your activity, your interest in the work and attach a couple of works from the portfolio (if there is no portfolio, you can attach those works on which you trained during the training).
  • 3) Send a letter offering your services to bloggers/ potential clients and wait for a response!

Let’s figure it out in detail!

  • 1) First of all, you need to prepare your social networks and messengers to communicate with a potential client. Get yourself an official email on gmail. Specify your real last name, first name: for example, . Do not use mail with names like zayka3000, alena1984, malinka82, etc. for official correspondence — you need to create a strong personal brand so that your name becomes recognizable!
  • 2) In messengers, also write your name and put a portrait photo on the avatar. Do not use photos in a swimsuit, with alcohol, family photos, etc— – this is not ethical in business terms.
  • 3) In the social networks that you specify for communication, also put things in order: use your real name, fill in information about yourself and your kind of activity, put a close-up photo on the avatar.
  • 4) Take care in advance of how you will accept payment. Form a bank card, register in electronic payment systems. This will help you accept payments from customers all over the world, and for your customers it is a good opportunity to choose the most convenient payment method for themselves
  • 5) Make up your resume! Indicate your skills and abilities, your strengths. Attach reviews of your work, if there are any, and, of course, examples of cases
  • 6) Register on freelance exchanges and pack your profile! Also make a list of bloggers in social networks who may benefit from your services. Make it a rule to write to at least twenty potential clients in social networks a day + respond to all vacancies on exchanges that you like. This will 100% lead to the result!
  • 7) Remember: until you have experience and good cases, you need to actively offer your services yourself. Be sure to tell all your friends and acquaintances about what you are doing. Do not hesitate to tell your manicure masters, hairdresser, friends about the work. Your activity may be useful for them — and you will find the first client already in your environment

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