8 ways to earn money on Instagram

8 ways to earn money on Instagram without leaving home

Here we will tell you about 8 ways to earn money on Instagram. Instagram is a platform with hundreds of professions. But there are those that are the fastest to master, and you can earn good money.

1) Blogger’s Manager

Bloggers can’t do everything on their own, they need help. Responsibilities of the manager: search for advertising platforms for blog development (search for bloggers for advertising, check for cheating, negotiate advertising, keep an advertising calendar, throw off blogger materials for advertising, monitor the release of advertising, then ask for statistics, write reviews), sell advertising, accept applications in a PR account. Also create abstracts and positioning for the blog. The list of responsibilities may be different.

2) Stories maker

Now stories is a trend. Posts are fading into the background, more and more attention is being paid to stories. They should be juicy, beautiful, and attract the eye. Beautiful stories are a whole art! Therefore, people who know how to make beautiful stories are very appreciated.

3) The targetologist

High-quality targeted advertising – advertising via Facebook on Instagram, this is also an art.

4) Technical Specialist

A person who works with websites, chatbots to make everything work, all the buttons. So that you can easily make a payment through the website, register, and so on.

5) Blogger

One of the ways to earn money on Instagram is blogging.

5) SMM Specialist

SMM specialist – a person who is engaged in promotion in social networks. The duties are very similar to the blogger’s manager, but the SMM also works in addition to bloggers, with services, commerce (make-up artists, specialist doctors, lawyers, etc.)

6) Designer

As the quality of content increases, more and more help is needed from specialists to make a beautiful checklist, guide, website.

7) Copywriter

Writing custom posts

8) Organizer of giveaways, marathons

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