5 ways to make money on freelancing

5 professions for you (your ways to earn on freelancing). 5 ways to make money on freelancing

Here I have collected the 5 best ways to earn money on freelancing, which helped me personally to start (back when I didn’t have my own blog and attachments!) Now let’s get down to business! I will tell you about the earning opportunities, but first I will ask you to write down below absolutely all your skills and abilities. That’s it! Don’t be shy – look for talents in yourself.

Even if they seem non-unique or useless to you. Write them out! Anything is considered: the ability to negotiate on the phone, photo processing, shooting on the phone, layout of presentations, proofreading text and correcting errors, and so on…

And now, analyze your skills, praise yourself and choose a profession below! Think about what area you will need your talents in and start acting soon:

  1. Social Network Administrator:

All you need to do is upload content to social networks and respond to subscribers’ comments! A blogger entrusts his materials to you (photos, texts, mock-ups of stories), and you post them on a social network. Even a child can cope!)

  1. Personal Content Assistant:

The client gives you a technical task — for example, to find all possible information on the Internet about how to properly paint nails or build up eyelashes. You need to find useful tips and arrange them in a single document — that’s all) It is more convenient to work through a computer, but it is also possible through a phone.

  1. Designer of information products:

Your task is to create guides, checklists, presentations. There are 2 options for doing this job here:

First: the client gives you a ready-made text that needs to be beautifully designed. You use applications on your phone or computer and give the text already in a design form.

Second: you need to find / write a text on a given topic, subtract it and arrange it in a design style.

  1. Social Media Designer:

If you have good taste and high viewing, you can create banners for social networks, covers for videos on YouTube, image templates for Instagram (posts and stories). To do this, you only need applications on your phone and computer, it won’t take much time)

  1. Designer of advertising photo and video layouts:

Very often, targetologists need help with creating creative layouts. The targetologist gives you a technical description of the layout and the purpose for which it is created. You just have to fulfill his requirements and create a layout in a photo or video editor)

And now i will continue with some other 5 professions. Because i want to give you more opportunity:

  1. Website maker :

You need to build sites from separate blocks on special platforms like Tilda or Figma. Absolutely everyone needs websites now, and there are a lot of designers on the market that allow even beginners to create a website. You just need to watch free video lessons, practice a little — and that’s it, you can take orders!

  1. Photo and video editor:

Your task is to process photo and video content in special editing programs for your phone or computer. You don’t need any professional skills: the client will tell you what you should change in a photo or video. These services are very popular with bloggers, because it is important for them to create a beautiful profile visual, and there is absolutely not enough time for this. The blogger just gives you a ready-made snapshot or video that needs to be edited.

  1. Copywriter:

If you are very literate and like to work with texts, you can write posts and articles for social networks (for example, in Instagram and Telegram), messages for promotional mailings, large texts for websites and landing pages. For an additional fee, you can create a content plan for blogger posts or stories (a small plan on topics that can be covered in the blog).

  1. Blogger’s Manager:

You need to respond to messages in direct, search for advertising platforms, sign up a blogger to advertise to other bloggers, keep an advertising calendar and monitor account promotion.

  1. Packer of Instagram accounts:

If you like to spend time on social networks, this method is perfect for you! The main task of the packer is to determine how well the client’s account is designed and give his recommendations for its improvement. What can be improved? Profile head, avatar, username, blog categories that suit your client.

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