12 ways to earn money on the Internet without SKILLS

12 ways to earn money on the Internet without SKILLS

Friends, hello everyone! In this article you will learn how to make money online without training and serious skills. Since everyone can do this work without exception, in this case the remuneration is lower. But, if you have the time and no money / desire to go to expensive training, this is a great opportunity to earn money online. Let’s go!

1) Copywriting exchanges

Now this is a kind of masthev, almost any more or less competent beginner can go to the copywriting exchange, find a suitable order there, make it and get their first money.

2) Freelance

The range of services performed by freelancers is very diverse. It may include writing texts and voicing something. Each area has its own prices for orders. Somewhere more, somewhere less. I would advise you to choose exactly the sphere that brings you pleasure. Even if it is not the most monetary. Suitable for those who have minimal skills and a desire to learn. You can earn money in different directions.

3) Hand-made trading via the Internet

If you know how to do things with your own hands, then this method is for you.

4) Earning on reviews and comments

Response sites attract a huge number of users and traffic. They earn money from advertising and share their income with the authors of reviews. Basically, the responders are trying to attract real consumers. That is, those who have actually tried some product or used a service. Such reviews are valuable and in demand in the market. You can also earn money by posting your comments on various platforms. They pay mainly for the publication itself (after moderation) and views. You can also connect an affiliate program and get a percentage from everyone who decides to buy something on your recommendation.

5) Subscribe to social networks, putting likes and comments

Now there are a large number of services that are willing to pay people for likes and comments on various social networks.

6) Money on file sharing sites

It requires a good internet connection and a lot of time. A good way, which implies the distribution of some files through special file-sharing services. People download files (and to download, you need to watch ads) — you get money.

7) Earning on mobile games and apps

Requires a lot of memory on the phone. Even for the simplest actions, you can get money. For example, you can easily earn money by installing Android/iOS apps and completing various small tasks in them. Something like: “Download such and such a game, fill it with level 5, get such and such an amount.” They pay good money for it.

8) Online auctions

If there is something to sell, then you need to use it.

9) Sale of images

For lovers of photography, a simple way. On special photo banks, you can sell unique pictures of nature, people, cities, some things, etc. Moreover, you will be paid for each download of the photo. Therefore, if you have a lot of cool shots in your arsenal, you can make a passive income out of it.

10) Earning money by listening to music

The principle is simple: register, tell about your own musical preferences and start listening to musical compositions. It is quite simple to increase profits – register on several exchanges at once. At the same time, it is not necessary to really listen to the compositions, you can just turn them on. Here, as it were, everything depends on your conscientiousness. Musicray, BeatDec

11) Paid surveys

You can earn money from surveys. To do this, it is enough to find suitable services, register and start taking surveys. You don’t need any skills. You will have to fill out a special questionnaire about yourself so that the system can give you the most suitable tasks.

12) Add to friends/like

The project has been working for a very long time and consistently pays money

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