Time management – How not to break deadlines?

Time management. How not to break deadlines?

Time management is a technique for organizing conscious control and time allocation. With its help, you can achieve your goals and objectives in time, increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Time management is needed in order to properly organize your work and from the stream of piled-up tasks, allocate priority secondary tasks and unimportant ones and allocate your time so that all tasks are done on time, while the quality of work does not suffer.

Often, especially for beginners, it happens that they set themselves a lot of tasks for the upcoming day or week, and in the end they realize that they just worked for whole days, while still not having time for something, or the quality of work has suffered greatly somewhere. Time management is a technique of organizing your time in order to achieve all the goals and objectives that you have set for yourself.

How not to break the deadline?

  • Do not allow yourself to sabotage the workflow, do not postpone everything for later and do not be distracted by everyday issues
  • Limit the use of the phone and social networks, not on work issues and empty conversations with a girlfriend allocate working time for each specific task
  • Implement the “tomato method”
  • Split large tasks into small ones; setting a deadline for each stage

Many freelancers leave everything at the last moment and then, with mad eyes, try to complete all tasks in the shortest possible time so as not to disrupt the deadline, sometimes it can’t be done, deadlines are burning and you spoil your reputation. In the eyes of a blogger, you will already look like an irresponsible person who does not do his job on time. And you will suffer from it yourself.

We are often distracted from work by chats with friends, mailing lists, telegram channels, try to set the “do not disturb” mode during work. Divide your tasks into smaller and more specific tasks. Allocate your working time to each assigned task. What will you do first, what will you do second, and what will you do at the very end.

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