How to start working with a client?

How to start working with a client?

1) Discuss with the client in advance the scope of your duties, your working hours and the format of communication with the client, at what time you can write or call on what days you have a weekend and you have the right not to answer work questions.

2) After you have agreed on cooperation with the client, you need to conduct a small survey of the client in order to better understand his business, his goals and objectives and what result he expects from cooperation. You need to send a brief to the client with the questions necessary to get started. Sample questions for the brief:

  • Enter your nickname in Instagram
  • Enter your email address
  • Describe what your product/service/blog is about, which you want to promote on Instagram
  • Describe your target audience
  • How do you stand out from the competition? Why people should choose you
  • Specify the main objectives of the promotion (attracting subscribers, engaging the audience, popularizing the brand, increasing sales)
  • Specify the nicknames of your competitors (at least 5)
  • Specify the nicknames of your customers (at least 5)
  • Have you ever promoted on Instagram before, if so, describe what methods you used
  • What result would you like to see from the work

Make a brief in Google forms, give access and send the link to the client to fill out.

3) Analyze the client’s responses. Look at the client’s responses on the brief. Carefully study the data that the client gave you and use it in subsequent work

4) For your convenience, make a mind map with tasks for working with the client.

5) Start analytical work.

  • Analyze the target audience.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Analyze the client’s account.
  • Describe your further actions to the client. What will be required of him, what will be required of you. Send everything to the client, and ask him to give you feedback. Is everything clear, does he agree at all.

6) If the client needs a photo shoot, arrange it. Find a photographer and a location to shoot. Agree with the client on the date and time of the shooting

7) Write the terms of reference to the photographer, make references for shooting.

8) Proceed to the content plan of posts and stories.
Think about what will help your client achieve his goal of introducing an account, increase the number of subscriptions, audience engagement and customer flow. Don’t forget to coordinate everything with the client.

9) Write down a promotion strategy for the client in the near future. What methods of promotion will you use, how much money will be required for this.

10) At the end of the month, do not forget to write a report on the work done, and do an analysis of the results, what went and brought good results, what did not go, how you can improve and achieve great results.

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