How to sell your services Expensively

How to sell your services Expensively and Close Customer Objections?

Rules of communication with the client: working out objections

  1. You need to know the reason for the objections. Pains and needs of the client
  2. Listen carefully to the client’s objections and show that you
    understand him.
  3. Competently and politely argue every objection.

Very often customers express their objections about the price. And the main mistakes of newcomers are that they begin to reduce the price,
doubt the quality of their services, do not know how to properly close the client for the sale of their services. Customers say:

“It’s expensive”, “I don’t like it”, “I work with your competitors”.

In order to properly close objections, you need to establish contact with the client and understand the reason for the objection. What are the pains and needs of your potential client.

Objection “You have expensive”
Ask the client, and what do you compare with? Then tell the client about the benefits and competitive differences of your services
Ask how much the client was counting on?
Ask the client what indicators, besides the price, are important to you?

The most common objection is “it’s expensive”. Everyone wants to find an employee at the lowest price, a lot of responsibilities, and a high level of professionalism. Ask the client what he compares the price with, and tell him about the benefits, what your price consists of, and what you can guarantee him for this price. Ask him what price he was counting on, and tell him why your price corresponds to the average market in your niche. Ask the client what else is important to him in the work besides the price.

Objection “I don’t like it”
What exactly do you dislike?
Why do you want this particular option?
Which option would suit you?

It will always be the case that at the initial stage of the transaction, the client will say that he does not like something, that he does not need any services, and he wants to do it differently.

Ask the client what exactly he doesn’t like, why he wants to do it differently. Tell the client the pros and cons of this option and tell them why your option has more advantages. Clients do not always know how it will be better and more effective.most often they want to work for speed and not for quality, they want to sell their own faster services, get subscribers faster.

For example, a client tells you that he wants to develop his blog and increase the number of subscribers, so he asks you to get “a few subscribers” first, and you offer him the longest and more expensive method of promotion through advertising from bloggers and target. Tell us the pros and cons of his and your option.

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