How to organize your workspace so that it is optimal?

How to organize your workspace so that it is optimal?

Take care of the convenience of the workplace enough free space, a comfortable place, a beautiful view. Organize a place with good lighting, it stimulates brain activity. If there is not enough natural light, install a table lamp. Create a working atmosphere. Place inspirational quotes, to-do lists, a calendar, a board for ideas and plans in the field of view. Appearance. The presence of a minimum dress code.

A separate office is an ideal option, not always possible in conditions of living with a family. Be sure to arrange a place, at least a spacious enough desktop, where you can place a laptop and the necessary documentation. Try to provide yourself with good lighting, and a beautiful view from the window or organize your beautiful and cozy workplace with design elements.

Appearance- of course, the undoubted advantage of working remotely is that we do not have any dress code, there is no need to get ready and go anywhere in the morning. But it is difficult for beginners to concentrate on work in such unusual conditions. Our brain is used to commuting to work and relaxing at home. Therefore, working in pajamas is not always the best option, it’s better at the beginning of your journey, come up with some kind of minimal dress code, sneak up, and get to work?

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