How to make a portfolio?

How to make a portfolio ? SMM Specialist

  • Sort the works into separate folders
  • Beautifully arrange your works in pdf files.
  • Give a brief description of your work.
  • Place the portfolio on an electronic medium
  • Open access for public use
  • Copy the link and write a welcome letter
  • Send to potential customers

In order for your portfolio to be presentable and interested in your customers, it needs to be properly designed. After all, as we know, people first evaluate the picture and the overall appearance, and only then delve into the information that is presented.

To begin with, sort all your works into separate folders, for example, visual, texts, account design, icons of current stories, etc.

Next, arrange each work in a separate pdf file, in a beautifully designed design that can be done on the canva website, there you can add a brief description to each work, but you don’t need to write a lot, no one will read 2-3 pages of solid text with a description.
Place your portfolio on an electronic medium, it can be Google.
Don’t forget to open access to the portfolio folder

Mistakes in portfolio design

Mistakes that many experts make in their portfolios. They forget to make screenshots of the client’s page before work, they do not request the client’s statistics before work.

  • They don’t do portfolio design. Many experts, due to lack of time or desire, do not pay enough attention to the design of their portfolio, but casually just throw everything into a folder and give a link to clients. You do not need to do this, you will spoil the first impression of yourself.
  • They do not make a brief description of what was done, what results were achieved, why they decided to do it this way. Customers simply do not understand why it was done this way, and why it was done, and what it gave.
  • Do not provide feedback about the work. When we buy some equipment to our home, we often also go and look at reviews from other users, how the equipment works, whether other users are satisfied, here in the same way, customers want to see real reviews about you from other customers.
  • Do not post information about yourself. No one wants to work with a faceless person, I don’t know anything about him, so if you don’t run your blog, then make 1-2 pages about yourself.
  • A lot of the same type of work can play a cruel joke on you. The client gets the impression that you work only according to templates, you do not have enough creativity. No one wants to have “like everyone else”
  • Don’t forget to replenish your portfolio. This will allow you and your clients to see how your work experience and professionalism are growing, and also show the client that you are a practicing specialist, which means follow all trends and novelties.

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