How do i switch to the remote job in five steps?

How do i switch to the remote job in five steps?

1st step: After you have decided on a profession, look at the telegram chats and job sites, and study the offers. Look at what employers are focusing on.

Step 2: Analyze how much time you will be able to devote daily to a new profession (training and practice) to understand how quickly you will be able to reach the desired income. And write down this time for yourself. And then always try to work at this time.

Since one of the problems on the remote is that specialists cannot schedule time. It happens to me too, but you need to set limits (I work until 20:00 at most). Because if you do it differently, the day has passed – and nothing has changed, the work is almost not done and it did not work out to rest.

Step 3: Start training: you can take a course, read thematic blogs, take a marathon. The main thing is to constantly acquire knowledge, as the world of Instagram is changing daily. And in order to always earn well, you need to be aware of changes (thematic blogs will help with this)

Step 4: Having gained knowledge, it is necessary to work them out. If you do not plan to develop your blog, work on free clients (in many courses they are given to practice skills, you can also offer friends or shops / specialists in insta (write to direct))

Step 5: Work for a fee and raise prices for services. In most cases, free clients become paid. So it was with me. I earned the first 100 after the free client switched to a paid one. Word of mouth also helps a lot: you can even negotiate with existing customers so that they advise you to all your friends for a percentage It will be beneficial for both you and them)

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