How do I switch to remote work?

How do I switch to remote work? How to change your job?

Let’s analyze an example if you are an SMM specialist.

To begin with, you need to under go training in order to acquire knowledge and feel confident in a new profession. During the training and immediately after, you need to work out the skills – you can immediately pay for a review or work out a trial period, then for a fee. We are looking for work in telegram chats or write directly to beginners (and not only) bloggers in direct.

Then (a week or a month after training) we work for a fee, we raise our level, we do the work efficiently. The sundress is turned on + you can start running your blog so that customers come from there too. Leads 4-5 clients – $ 500 from each *5= 2500 per month. We are raising prices for services, as the level of expertise increases. We can put $ 1500 for registration + promotion. We lead 4-5 people * 1500 = 7500 per month. This can be done approximately 2-3 months after graduation. Total: invested in training, paid for it. And painlessly switched to the remote.

It is often said that freelancing is unstable, so there is no point in switching to it. But think about it, there is no stability in the world! Everything is unstable and can collapse at any moment. This imaginary sense of stability is very wrong. And now, it’s very noticeable. Because, unfortunately, a lot of people lost their jobs because no one could have foreseen and predicted such a situation. Therefore, there is no need to chase stability, you just need to act.

We sincerely believe that you will be able to find yourself freelancing and will feel complete freedom: financial, spiritual, even in such an unstable time.

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