How do I create a profile header?

How do I create a profile header?

The profile header is only 150 characters, but they influence whether the audience subscribes to you or not. The task of the profile header is to interest and hook, cause a desire to come to you, read your posts, and of course subscribe. The profile header is what the new person who came to your page first of all looks at.

The correct catchy cap should answer the following questions:

  • Who are you and what is your uniqueness?
  • What is the use of your blog and why read it?
  • What will your product give me and what do I need to do right now? (this string is needed mainly in commercial and expert accounts).

And now let’s go through the points:

  1. The very first line (it is always highlighted in bold) is the search bar. It is by this that you can be found in the Instagram search.

What can and cannot be written in this line? (write examples)

  • Do not write your last name, first name. If you are just starting out, no one will find you using this data.
  • Specify the location if you work in a particular city.
  • Specify your niche by which you can be found.
  • Write in the language your audience speaks.
  • Don’t write complicated terms that no one will search for you for sure.

Important! You have only 30 characters in this line and it can be changed only 2 times within 14 days.

  1. The following lines in the header are no longer search lines, but they should catch the subscriber’s attention so that he wants to subscribe to you.

What should I write there?
Write what you are talking about in your blog, what benefits do you give, what is the uniqueness of your blog? Remember that each line should inspire and interest the user to subscribe to you. Show your creativity.

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