Free methods of promotion

Free methods of promotion. SFS. How to participate?

SFS is one of the white methods of promotion on Instagram. With its help, you can gain subscribers for free in a short time. You publish a photo with the abbreviation SFS, the date of the event and the date of summing up the results. Participants should post any photo from your Instagram in their profile (or make a collage), write a few words about you and be sure to put a link to you with @.

After doing this, the participants should write the word “done” in the comments under your starting photo. On the day of the completion of the SFS, you view the profiles of the participants, choose from them those who liked you the most, and talk about them at home, mentioning each through @.

SFS was invented in order to find interesting new profiles in your feed. And help your friends find interesting new profiles in their feeds. But in fact, SFS is a form of friendly PR, when you ask your subscribers to tell about you and also tell in your profile about those who share your profile in their account.

SFS can be a good way to promote Instagram for free and can help you quickly gain a lot of subscribers. At first it was so. Now everyone is tired of this idea and it does not work as efficiently as before, when the SFS trend just appeared.

However, even today there are profiles where SFS is conducted almost every month and quite successfully.On the designated day of the end of the promotion, the organizer puts out a collage or several collages with links to those SFS participants whose profiles he liked. And also tells about each profile in the caption to the photo.

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