writing letter to a potential client that will be answered

How do I write a letter to a potential client that will be answered?

Before you write a response to a vacancy, read it carefully. Sometimes clients write hidden mindfulness tasks in these vacancies. For example, they ask in the subject of the letter to solve the example “how much will be 2 + 3” or write a code word — such trifles test potential performers for the ability to read the text and perceive information (this is a very important skill for a freelancer!)

The structure of the cover letter to the vacancy response:

  • Greeting;
  • Address by name (if known);
  • Presentation and self-presentation;
  • Readiness to complete a test task;
  • Indication of work experience;
  • Your skills and professional responsibilities;
  • The deadline for completing the work;
  • Examples of works (link to portfolio).

If you don’t have a portfolio, don’t back down. Write that you are ready to complete the test task! Tell me honestly that you have little experience, but you are interested in developing yourself, and therefore you are ready to perform a trial task to demonstrate your skills.

You can also prepare a personalized offer to the blogger. Here you need to study the blogger’s profile in advance: observe the format and style of stories, read his posts and understand what he has difficulties with.

If, when viewing stories, you saw that a blogger is having difficulty finding advertising or drawing up a content plan, offer him help in this! If you see that posts come out rarely and collect few likes / comments, write about help in copywriting. The blogger will appreciate your personal approach, because you spent time studying his account. And remember: there is something to improve in any blog!

Remember: a person should feel that you are giving him more benefit than he expected! Offer free advice or theoretical information that will help the blogger — and you will win his attention!

Your message should not look like a newsletter! We write a unique message to each person so that the blogger feels special.

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