Where to get ideas for stories

Where to get ideas for stories if “I have a boring life”?

Now I will reassure you, because you are far from alone! 90% of people do not write stories and do not grow up on instagram, because they think that they have an uninteresting and boring life, they have nothing to show. “I’m constantly sitting at home with my child, I only go to the supermarket and to the playground, who cares?” – a familiar situation?

But in fact this is not the case. We are all unique people, we all have our own diverse lives. Each family conducts life differently, cooks soup differently, sets the table. You have your own unique way of life, the manner of communication with the household, your views and position in life. And that’s why you, in your most ordinary groundhog day, are naturally interesting to others. And in any case, you are interesting to others only because you have everything in your own way.

Let’s count how many films and TV series are filmed every year, and it seems that it is no longer possible to find a topic on which some kind of picture has not been shot. However, every year new films come out and people watch them. Someone likes this or that movie, and he is looking forward to continuing, and someone does not. It’s the same in everyday life. Each of us has our own interesting and unique events. Our life may be similar to someone else’s, but at the same time, it is absolutely unique. And someone will like to watch her, and someone will not.

Often, while living our life, our view is blurred, and we do not see interesting things. It seems to us that our life is not interesting and there is nothing special about it. In fact, there are many amazing things among us that may be of interest to your audience, the main thing is to start paying attention to the little things of life and learn how to present it to your audience in an interesting way.

For example, you found a new coffee shop in your city and tried coffee there that you really liked. Tell your audience about it and ask your subscribers, if they are in this coffee shop, to try and share their opinion with you. Or you found a new recipe for “charlotte”, decided to modify it for yourself, and you really liked it, tell your subscribers about it and share your life hack with them. Even from cleaning the house, you can make an interesting story for stories – a new cleaning tool, a new gadget assistant.

Therefore, you just need to look around you and start noticing the little things that we are used to not paying attention to. Show your real life, yourself and your surroundings in stories. Initially, stories were conceived as short stories from everyday life in order to unload the tape of posts from numerous photos and videos and give people the opportunity to share their lives more.

Stories allow a person to declare himself to a large audience: you can share entertaining moments of your life, work, show yourself as a worthwhile specialist, show your human qualities and find people close in spirit, clients and partners. Thus, storis are a powerful tool for attracting customers.

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