How to use SFS?

How to use SFS ? Free promotion method

This designation hides the term “shout out for shout out”. In translation, it turns out “mention for mention”. The original purpose of the tool was to select the most interesting profiles for the user feed with their subsequent placement in the profiles of friends.

Conducting SFS requires compliance with a number of certain rules. They are quite simple, and following them does not make any special difficulties for the user.

You talk about what you plan to do with SFS, mention it in stories and write a post with a number of requirements.

Usually they are as follows:

  • In the post, the photo must necessarily be supplemented with the abbreviation SFS.
  • The post should contain information about the start of the contest, the period of its holding and the date of registration of the results.
  • Each participant must supplement their feed with any photo from your profile. The preparation of collages is also allowed. You should also write a Few words about the author of the contest and put a link to it indicating @
  • After that, each of the participants leaves a signature under the starting photo with a confirmation of personal readiness.
  • After the completion of the SFS, the results of the event are compiled and those users who liked the most are determined. Notes about them are Published in the personal profile with the indication of participants via @
  • In a certain period of time, the organizer publishes a collage or several collages about those participants that he liked the most. As an addition There is a short story under each photo.

It turns out that your subscribers tell about you in their blog, and you, in turn, after the expiration of the SFS, choose the best stories or profiles and tell about them on your page with the winner’s page mark.

This method works more or less well when the blogger has at least 1000 subscribers.

  • Conducting SFS is often due to the need to increase the number of subscribers. Due to this, not only the sales growth of the promoted products increases or more favorable terms of interaction with advertisers are achieved. Satisfaction of personal self-esteem, so you will understand how many people sincerely love you.
  • Loss of relevance – many users have long been tired of SFS. Temporary expenses – such events quite often do not have the least effect.

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