How to start earning in social networks?


In order to earn money on social networks as a blogger, you need to have a loyal audience. Who will like your content

In order for the content that you will post on your Instagram to respond to the audience, you will receive feedback from your subscribers – you need to know who you are blogging for. It happens that the content is good, subscribers seem to be there, you use promotion methods, but there is no feedback.
Or, conversely, a post or video on Instagram seems stupid and meaningless, but it is gaining large views and response from the audience. The thing is that the author just knows his target audience, gathered it in his blog, and knows which content his audience will like and which will not.

If you don’t understand and know who your target audience is, it’s like shooting a cannon at sparrows. You will not be able to move forward effectively, new subscribers will come to you very hard, and those who will come will be people who do not share your interests with you. And they just won’t watch you, read your posts and give you feedback.

You should know who you’re writing for. You need to know who all your content is addressed to. For everyone, it’s the same as for no one. THIS IS IMPORTANT! Your target audience should be in the palm of your hand. (Your target audience should be clearly clear to you)

So why do you need to know your audience and how it will help in blogging?

Having studied your target audience, you will be able to:

1) Create content that will be interesting to subscribers. The interests of the audience will be able to write you good content. If your audience is women, moms – there is no point in writing about brake fluids for a car. Maybe someone from the target audience will be interested in this, for example, avid women car enthusiasts, but not a wide range of target audience.

2) Build a visual feed that will attract their attention. Different groups of people visually prefer different pictures and shades. For example, if your target audience is moms, then these will be delicate shades, photos of happy motherhood and a child, it is unlikely that they will get pictures with “propaganda” of any subculture.

3) Create a selling profile header
What are your audience’s problems? What are they afraid of and afraid of? What do they like, and what on the contrary repels them? – Knowing all this, you will be able to create a profile header in such a way that it will attract your target audience.

4) Create an advertising layout
As I wrote above, you can’t write for everyone and in advertising in the same way. If you know your target audience and their pain. In advertising, you will clearly hit on the “Pain” of the target audience and attract it to your blog.

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