Competitor analysis for business


I hope that no one doubts that the analysis of the audience’s target audience is necessary for maintaining and promoting the page on Instagram. Let’s now deal with the analysis of competitors, this is also an equally important part of analytical work. Competitor analysis will help you
identify the weaknesses and strengths of your competitors,
it will show you what needs to be improved in your blog, what chips and trends are currently in your niche.
See which topics the audience reacts to better and more actively and apply this in your blog.

important! Just don’t copy your competitors, but adapt everything to your blog.

I advise you to analyze competitors at least once every 2-3 months, so as not to miss changes in your niche.

Search for competitors.

Before analyzing competitors, you need to find them, for this we use:

1) By searching on Instagram. We write keywords for which your competitors can be.
For example, you have a Korean cosmetics store. We write in the search: “Korean cosmetics”.
If you have a blog of a blogger manager, in the search we write “Blogger Manager”
Search by hashtags. We enter hashtags in the Instagram search that are most likely used by your competitors in posts, and look through the posts.

2) Search the site by keywords. In the search engine we are looking for, for example, a children’s clothing store in St. Petersburg. They will most likely have an instagram on their website, we go to their page and analyze it.

The list of profiles for the analysis of competitors has been compiled, now we are conducting the analysis itself on the following points.

Avatar: We look at what is selected for the avatar: a photo, a drawing or a picture. Whether there is a text or not.

Nickname and username: Is the nickname memorable and easy to read? What is indicated in the bold line

Stories (current): The combination with the profile avatar, whether the covers are made in the same style or not, the names are fully readable or not, the content of the eternal stories – is there any important information

Visual: We look at how the feed is designed, whether it is combined with other visual elements, whether it is designed in trend (… rules), whether important information is immediately visible.Is it clear what the account is about

Numbers: The number of posts, the number of subscribers and the number of subscriptions. Usually, if there are few publications, and the profile has a lot of subscriptions (significantly more than subscribers), this indicates that the account uses massfollowing.

Content: Looking:
– How often the content is published.
– What types of content are published: live broadcasts, IGTV, posts and stories
– Visual design of the profile: uniform style, common elements, color palette, photos or pictures, whether there is text on the photo or not, etc.
– User activity: how many likes, comments.
– Text description: are prices indicated, are there hashtags, is there a geotag.

Conclusion based on competitor analysis

The most important task is to find out as much information about competitors as possible, find out what their weaknesses, mistakes are, and make their profile better than that of competitors.

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