Blogger – Pros and cons of blogging?

Blogger – Pros and cons of blogging?

One of the ways to earn money on Instagram is blogging. How can you make money on this?


You can earn from 3000 subscribers! Also, to sell advertising in a blog, you need not just wait for an application to direct, but register on blogger platforms, where they find you as an advertising platform for a service / product.

A blogger earns money from his information products and services/goods. Participation in promotional photo shoots Gradually, the fashion for the model type of appearance fades into the background. Brands and commercial accounts of goods are increasingly trying to use real faces of “live” people for advertising, and often the choice falls on the public’s favorites, today they are media personalities and bloggers. Most often, firms find new interesting faces for themselves. Therefore, here the task is reduced to working on your own image. If people want to hear and see you, brands will notice it.! Just as often a blogger can do it without payment for personal growth and for further commercial offers to his address!

The blogger also earns money on joint live broadcasts / battles. And of course , in parallel to everything , he can engage in SMM and blog services for other bloggers !

Advantages of blogging

  • You personally choose the topics and areas of information that you plan to convey
  • Independently arrange your work schedule
  • There are no restrictions on the number of posts , language, photos and videos
  • You can work with a cup of coffee/tea anywhere! Whether you’re by the sea or in slippers and a patch at home!
  • Increase income every month
  • Develop awareness and publicity

Disadvantages of blogging

There are none! Well, if there is, then it’s just that you want to work and work! It’s difficult to stop, because it’s addictive!

You can earn from $ 10,000 if you use all the mechanisms for earning correctly

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