Why are we afraid to shoot stories?


We all know that some of our friends and relatives will watch our stories, and the thought is sitting in our heads “What will they think about us?” very often, at the beginning of the journey, I heard the phrase: “Oh, did you also become a blogger?”

The first thing we need to understand is why we are doing this, what goals we want to achieve by starting a blog.

The second is that people who say that and make fun of you will never do it themselves, they remain at the level they were at. And, perhaps, their subconscious works in such a way that this is their defensive reaction. They are afraid that you will become successful, you will “grow up”, and they will remain at the same level.


When we take pictures of ourselves on camera, we see a slightly different reflection of ourselves than in the mirror, we hear our voice differently – this is unusual for us. Therefore, we do not seem to ourselves as beautiful as in real life or in processed photos.

Instagram has already solved this problem for us, so it has released a huge number of masks and filters. You can find a mask that you like and shoot yourself with this mask. If you are just embarrassed to shoot yourself on camera, then start doing it gradually, start shooting yourself off-screen, the situation around you with your voice, ask to shoot someone close to you so that you are not a close-up in the frame.

Gradually you will get used to yourself in the frame, and your fear of the camera will begin to pass. The main thing is not to give up and not to let fears prevent you from moving towards the goal.


This problem prevents almost all novice bloggers from filming themselves on the street or in establishments where there are a lot of people. I’ll tell you one thing, we live in such a time that now no one will be surprised by the fact that people take pictures of themselves on the phone. Start filming the environment first, yourself in places where there are few people. Give yourself time to get used to this condition and gradually try to shoot yourself in public. And most importantly, don’t think about what the people around you will say or think about you. After all, your goal is much more important than their opinion.


Who said that you should definitely share your entire personal life? Every blogger has the right to build the boundaries of how much he is willing to let his subscribers into his personal life. If you don’t want to show your husband on the blog, or he doesn’t want to, think about how to build content in such a way that you don’t show your husband on the blog.

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