Who is a storiesmaker?

Storiesmaking. How to start working with a blogger? Who is a storiesmaker?

To stay in the top for his followers, the blogger has to solve various tasks every day. These can be:

  • ideas of what to post in stories;
  • how to process it;
  • what kind of storytelling to come up with;
  • what to tell about;
  • at what time to publish,
  • what to shoot (photo/video);
  • what to ask your audience;

These are questions that any person who runs his account faces. For example, if it’s some kind of game or a prank, then it’s still +2 -3 hours to think over the scenario and implement it. This is just a small part of the work on the account.

There are specialists who are ready to offer a blogger / brand / expert their help in creating, designing and publishing stories. Their work has become such an impetus to the formation of a new profession “storiesmaker“.

What is Storiesmaking?

This is the process of creating beautiful, creative, engaging stories in order to design a single corporate identity for a blogger / expert/brand. A storyteller is a specialist who is professionally engaged in storytelling for bloggers/businesses/experts.

This is the person who takes responsibility for all the work on stories:

  • decoration;
  • selection of fonts and the general concept of storis, which will contribute to the recognition of the account;
  • shooting (for higher checks);
  • creating games;
  • selection of music, certain filters.

For all this, the storysmaker receives a monetary reward. Now it is even possible to find vacancies for storytelling on sites such as Workzilla and so on. This suggests that the profession is in demand. A lot of companies are looking for such a specialist.

A storysmaker is a person who helps to do sales. He thinks over such a concept so that stories consistently lead the audience to a certain target action.

In principle, the storysmaker can record stories himself if he works with the brand directly. If the cooperation is carried out with a blogger, then this
specialist is engaged in processing already captured materials or consulting on their shooting

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