What posts should a blogger write?

What posts should a blogger write? Content plan and types of posts

In order for a blog to be interesting and gather an active and engaged audience around it, you need to make sure that publications arouse a desire to read and comment. Before writing posts, you need to think in advance about the topics and headings that you will analyze in the blog.

For example, a blog about motherhood. There are a lot of such blogs on Instagram, and everyone writes on similar topics. And if there are only posts about motherhood in the blog, this, firstly, will gather a very narrow audience, and secondly, it will quickly bore not only the blogger himself, but also the audience. Therefore, in the blog you need to take the main topic and 1-2 additional topics.

Let’s say the main topic you have chosen is motherhood, and additional topics can be selected based on hobbies and hobbies. Maybe the blogger likes to cook, take care of himself, knows where to buy goods at the lowest prices, etc.

We make up a content plan in advance, where we prescribe on what day and which post comes out. Posts are divided into several categories:

  • Entertainment posts
  • Information posts
  • Selling posts

In personal blogs, entertainment and informational posts are most often used, and rarely selling ones.


  • Surveys
  • Quizzes
  • Viral videos
  • Contests and sweepstakes
  • Personal posts with life stories


  • Life hacks and useful tips;
  • Reviews of goods and services;
  • A life experience from which subscribers will be able to learn something useful for themselves;
  • News in your niche;
  • New items in your niche.

Examples of topics that you can write about in personal blogs:

  • A selection of movies and TV series – your personal selections that you have liked lately;
  • A selection of books;
  • Savings (tell subscribers how and on what you saved);
  • Recipes;
  • Beauty tips (for women’s blogs);
  • Hobbies and hobbies;
  • Personal growth and achievements;
  • Goals and the process of achieving them. Results;
  • Views on life or on some events.

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