How to make a content plan?

How to make a content plan? Where to start?


  • Write all the ideas for posts that just come to mind using the sources listed above. Write down all the ideas for the headings in stories
  • Every time ask yourself the question: Will this post / story be interesting to my target audience? Will this story reveal me to my subscribers? What do I want to show this story to subscribers? what does it mean?
  • Distribute the posts and headings of stories in three columns (selling, informational, entertainment)
  • Highlight the target topics in one color, and the target topics in another
  • Decide how many posts you will publish per week. How many stories per day you will record.
  • Select from the list the required number of informational, selling and entertaining topics for posts, taking into account 50/50 target and near-target
  • Make a table with a clear schedule on what day, at what time, which post will be released for 1 month ahead.
  • Write yourself a story for every day.

Make a list of ideas for posts in your notes and fix it as soon as the thought appeared.

  • Create a photo storage for posts so that you have photos at any time
  • Be sure to work on mistakes, analyze which content received more reactions from the audience, and which on the contrary. Keep this in mind when drawing up a content plan for a new period, otherwise engagement rates will fall, and your posts will be lowered by the algorithmic feed.

Rules for writing text in Instagram

  • One text is one complete thought
  • Write to a “friend”
  • Uniqueness
  • Literacy. You can check literacy in special
  • Services
  • Brevity
  • The length of the post is a maximum of 2200 characters

Rules for the external design of the text

  • Division into paragraphs
  • Alternation of sentences short and long
  • Alternating paragraphs big small
  • Text style. Emoticons, signs

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