How to find freelance clients?

How to find freelance clients? Creating a portfolio. How to pack yourself and find customers, even if you don’t have your own blog?

What does it mean to pack yourself?

Visually show potential customers the results of your work with the client BEFORE/After. By demonstrating your level of expertise and work experience

Clients who are looking for a specialist for their business on Instagram who can help them promote social networks, attract new customers and increase sales – do not have the time, and sometimes even the skills and necessary knowledge to train a person with 0. They want to hire and pay money to a specialist who already has experience. In order to see your work experience and assess the level of professionalism, clients ask to show your portfolio, in which you clearly demonstrated the results of your work with another client and your work experience.

Why do I need to pack myself as a specialist?

Your portfolio is your face.
It demonstrates to the client all your skills and abilities that you have acquired during training, working with other clients.
It clearly shows a potential client how you can be useful to him, and other things, he should choose you, not your competitor.

According to the quality of work in the portfolio, your potential clients evaluate whether it is worth working with you or not, whether your prices for services correspond to their level and quality, therefore, you need to pay attention to the design of your portfolio no less than working with clients. Clients come and go, and your portfolio stays with you forever. In a few years, you will be able to take a look at your first works in the portfolio and evaluate your professional growth.

What is a portfolio?

Portfolio is a formalized document containing all your completed projects, according to which potential clients can evaluate your work experience and level of professionalism.

A portfolio is a written document with a list of your best works, according to which potential clients will be able to assess your level of expertise, work experience. The purpose of your portfolio is to show your work experience to the client so that he wants to cooperate with you.

What should be shown in the portfolio?
All the work that you have done in the process of cooperation with the client
Customer feedback
Statistics. How the client’s statistics changed after your work.
A page about you. (Photos, brief information about you.)

The first question that arises for every beginner in the profession. What works should I add to my portfolio? If you are just starting out and you do not yet have experience working with many clients, then add all your works to your portfolio, even if the level of these works is not the same as that of a specialist with work experience. In this case, you show the client that you have the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities in your niche. That you have work experience. When you are already working with many projects, you will have a lot of experience behind you, you will choose which projects to place in your portfolio, choosing only the best of your work.

Attention!!! Screen everything up to the old client’s account. This will clearly show your potential client the result of your work. So, now you know how to prepare portfolio

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