How to earn a blogger and bloggers assistant?

Getting started on instagram. How to earn a blogger and how to earn a blogger’s assistant?

There is no self-monetization in Instagram, etc. The social network itself. The network does not pay money for the number of subscribers, likes, comments, etc. Here you can earn only on the sale of your goods, services, advertising.

What can a blogger earn from?

  • As a rule, the main income of a blogger is the sale of advertising in stories or posts.
  • Advertising of goods from the store (household appliances, clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, household goods, etc.).
  • Advertising the services of some company that is located in the same city as the blogger (cleaning, wallpapering, a playroom for children, babysitting services).
  • Services of a specialist who works online (psychologist, astrologer, lawyer, child sleep specialist).
  • Advertising another blogger with a similar topic as yours.

Also, a blogger can open his own store and sell goods, provide some services, etc. But it will be a little later, and at the very beginning of the journey, the blogger earns money from advertising.

How can a blogger’s assistant earn money?

A blogger’s assistant and a freelancer in general do not have to keep their own blog. Of course, this will always be a plus, but not necessarily.
Basically, the blogger’s assistant earns on:

  • Page design: creating a nickname, avatar, profile cap, visual, story design, creating a content plan and writing posts.
  • Profile promotion: selection of free methods, selection of paid methods, purchase of advertising, preparation of advertising materials, etc.

Where to start your blogger journey?

If you are a blogger and want to start earning on Instagram, then first of all you need to pack your page, start gaining an audience and create interesting content. Let me remind you that a blogger earns by selling advertising, and the cost of advertising depends on your coverage in stories and in posts.

Reach is the number of people who have viewed your story or post. And the more interesting your stories and posts will be, the more people will watch them.

How to start your journey as a blogger’s assistant?

A blogger’s assistant and a freelancer in general first of all need to decide what exactly you want to earn, what you like to do the most. But while you are just learning, I advise you to try everything and do all the tasks that I will give in this manual. To find the first customers who will pay for your services, you need to practice and do the first work for the review. Do not think that this is a freebie job. Working for a review is your ticket to the future. After all, the better your work will be, the better the feedback you get, the more likely it is that your free client will become paid and in the future you will be more actively recommended. Also, each review is your case and an indicator of your results. As soon as you collect 3-4 reviews, you can safely set the minimum price for services and then gradually increase it.

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