How to analyze your target audience?


So, how to understand who your target is.

In our example, the topic of the blog is: “Children’s shopping on Aliexpress, or how to dress girls fashionably without spending more….per month for this + hairstyles”
So we have to collect a target audience that will be interested in it. Those people who will find your content relevant, interesting and useful. Without them, your blog will not be alive and active.

We take a piece of paper and prescribe a portrait of the target audience:
It is obvious that these are not men, but women. Age is definitely not 16-18 years. That is, these are women on average 25-35 years old who have minor children. Most likely married or were there. It is obvious that these are not mothers of sons. They have at least one daughter. What can they be interested in? Children’s educational toys, repairs in the children’s room, toys, how to feed the child, how to properly educate, how to talk to the girl on some topics

When studying the target audience, pay attention to these points:

Gender: If you write about women’s topics, and your audience is 70% female, switching to men’s topics, you will notice how the activity in the blog has dropped sharply Age. Each age group has its own interests, problems, and life stages. Writing on mom’s topics for an audience of girls aged 14-18 will not be relevant. Most of them are concerned about completely different topics at this stage

Pain: In short, these are problems that concern the audience, and they are looking for a solution to them. For example, if the audience is overweight girls. And they are looking for ways to lose weight, put the body in order, adjust nutrition, improve their health

Time online: You need to know this in order to understand at what time to post content, at what time to go to advertising. For example, if they are mothers of children, then most often they spend time online during the daytime sleep of children, or in the evening when children fall asleep at night.

Income: We need this item in order to understand what to talk about in the blog, what to advise the audience, expensive products, or cheap ones. What price to put on your goods, information products, services.

Interests: They will help you decide which posts to write, what to talk about in a blog, and which related niches to look for your audience.

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