How can you find your first freelance client?

How can you find your first freelance client?

In the article you will learn how to properly formalize your knowledge and skills and find your first customer.

So, to find your first client, you need to follow 4 simple steps

1) Completely pack your profile in a social network, for example, in Instagram. To do this, add all your work experience and expertise to your account: cases (work results), certificates, life hacks, your professional skills.

2) Write a welcome letter for the mailing list to attract potential customers. There you must specify the type of your activity, the benefits of the client (your ideas for promoting the profile), show how interested you are in working with him. For the best result, you can add examples of your work.

3) Register on various freelance exchanges, join chats on job search. Search Instagram for those who would benefit from your services. For convenience, you can make a list and write to your potential clients in social networks every day (at least 20) + respond to all the vacancies you like on the exchanges.

4) Send your email to customers and wait for a response.

REMEMBER! While your brand awareness is at 0, you need to be as active as possible. There is no need to be afraid and shy to talk about yourself, about what you do to your friends and acquaintances. You can inadvertently mention your kind of activity to a manicure master, hairdresser, makeup artist, etc. And maybe that’s how you’ll find your first client.

A letter that will be answered for sure

Before you respond to a vacancy, study it carefully. It happens that clients write various tasks in their vacancies, thereby checking you for attentiveness.

The structure of the cover letter to the vacancy response:

  • Greeting;
  • Address by name (if known);
  • Presentation and self-presentation;
  • Specify work experience;
  • Your skills and professional responsibilities;
  • Write about your readiness to complete the test task;
  • The deadline for completing the work;
  • Examples of works (link to portfolio).

Don’t back down, even if you have no experience. Write about your interest in developing yourself as a specialist. You can ask to complete a trial task to show your knowledge.

How to make a personalized offer to a blogger and offer him cooperation?

Try to study the blogger’s profile in advance, observe the style and format of his stories and posts, his life for a few days.

If the posts are boring, come out very rarely and gain few likes / comments, then you can offer your services as a copywriter or to compile a selling content plan.
Don’t be afraid to offer your help, there is something to improve in every blog!

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